Thomas S. Armistead founded the agency in 1947.  The first line acquired was Jenny Products Company, which is still represented today.  Archie Goodwin joined the agency in 1965 and a year later the name was changed to Armistead-Goodwin Sales Company.  Ed Rawls combined his agency in 1974 and shortly after Mr. Armistead's death, the name was changed to Goodwin-Rawls Sales Company.


       Over the years the company has grown from one man to five and has increased its lines represented from two to seventeen.  The focus of the company, however, has not changed.  The products have predominately been equipment and tools.  The markets served are the Automotive, Petroleum, Industrial and Agricultural.


       Some of the major lines represented are Forward Mfg. Inc., Kwik-Way Products, Inc., RTI Technologies, Inc., General Mfg. Inc., Jenny Products Co., Samson Corporation, Saylor-Beall Mfg. Inc., and Federal Signal Corporation. Annually, the G.R.H. Sales Company is ranked in the top 5 percent with most of the manufacturers represented.


       G.R.H. Sales Company's Richmond, Virginia based office has the latest in computers, hardware and software.  The staff can produce sales and support materials enhanced with graphics for professional presentations.  The main office manages the agency creating superior service for the manufacturers, distributors and users of all products represented.


       The success of G.R.H. Sales Company is simple.  Each territory salesman drives a van equipped with demonstration products and is capable of servicing what he sells.  This has created an extremely loyal distributor base, of approximately eighty (80) distributors.  Great Inc. warehouses many of the products we represent in order to provide quick service for our distributors on products they are not able to stock.


        In 2003 Conrad Haigler merged his agency with Goodwin-Rawls and we began doing business as G.R.H. Sales Co.


         2007 marked the 60th anniversary of the agency.  Archie, Ed and Conrad are anticipating many more years of continued growth and service to the industry.






                                                  CORPORATION PROFILE



G.R.E.A.T., Inc., located in Richmond, Virginia was founded July 1, 1995 to operate as a national and international marketing arm for companies that desire assistance to increase their market share.  The two principles are Archie T. Goodwin and William "Ed" Rawls.  Archie began in the automotive aftermarket industry as a distributor in 1961 and became a factory representative in 1965.  Ed entered the automotive market as a factory representative in 1971.  Archie and Ed combined their agencies in 1974 to form the Goodwin-Rawls Sales Company.  The five-member agency represents Automotive, Petroleum, Industrial and Agricultural manufacturers in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia and enjoys a successful business with a stable base of loyal distributors (See agency profile attached).


The credibility of Archie and Ed is evident in their ability to create Accu Industries, Inc. in 1984 and to have attained majority market share nationally within seven years in a very competitive automotive product line.  Internationally Accu Industries, Inc. was also a prominent player.  Accu Industries, Inc.'s success was achieved by Archie's and Ed's ability to acquire approximately 30 established sales agencies with total manpower of over 100 sales reps to promote and service the Accu Industries, Inc. products through a network of over 400 distributors.  Once the sales agencies were in place and properly trained, the national accounts were targeted.  Accu Industries, Inc.'s national accounts included General Motors Dealer equipment, Ford Rotunda, Toyota, Nissan and others now under Kent-Moore Dealer Service and Equipment Solutions.  Notable national accounts also include Pep Boys, Advance Auto, Trak Auto, Goodyear, Big O, Midas and many more.


In the spring of 1995, Archie and Ed sold their interest in Accu Industries, Inc. to pursue a new venture.  Thus, G.R.E.A.T., Inc. was formed and in the first year of business, a relationship with White Industries LLC was instituted.


G.R.E.A.T. Inc. increased White Industries LLC.'s sales by approximately 94 percent in three years.  To accomplish this success required that G.R.E.A.T. Inc. fine tune the rep force, improve the distributor base and secure new national accounts for White Industries, LLC.  White Industries, LLC was sold to Snap-On Tools in 1998 for a substantial profit for the stockholders.


G.R.E.A.T. Inc. in March  2001, established a national relationship with Adobe Air, Inc. to set up a national sales force, and assist in on going sales and marketing for their Master Cool product line. G.R.E.A.T. Inc. also handled the sales and marketing nationally to Carquest Auto Parts for KleenTec Inc., General Mfg. Inc., and Jenny Products Co.


The company goal is to promote three to five product lines as sales and marketing managers, consultants or as the national entity.  However, if warehousing a product is advantageous, we have facilities to accommodate. Warehousing has been a great asset to distributors in the area by providing quick delivery service for products represented by G.R.H. Sales Co. and other manufactures.